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Relics of defence.  The military architects and the stories of the wars between the Malatesta family and the Montefeltro family. The surrounding mountains. The echoes of ancient markets and century old gestures that lead up to today's commerce in lumber, milk and cheese.

Livestock trade fairs. The wise gastronomy, which from this small niche has conquered the world. The tradition and today’s peasant culture.

Monasteries, convents and parish churches. The local associations that control the valleys and the products that come from the area, the nature and waterways.  Fabulous walks on castle walls as well as downhill skiing.

The rivers and the fortifications, the pottery and the medieval forts, castles that have been here since 1000 AD with perimeters and entrance doors, the ripples of history are present in the tunnels that were used as escape routes and of which today traces can still be found in the ancient walls.