The king of the table: the ham of Carpegna

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The king of the table: the ham of Carpegna

Craftsmanship and salt. A story that comes from far away, a land of oaks, ideal for breeding pigs, and an Ordinance in 1407 on "salting hams and other meats" to the salt flats in Cervia, who were committed to providing this fundamental crystal to Carpegna.

A production that over time has also disappeared, accompanied by the depopulation of the mountains, but today still lives on in the list of Italian DOP (Protected local products) products, it has a round silhouette and a weight of not less than 8 kg, when the ham is sliced it shows its fabulous colour and gives off a delicate scent and fragrant taste.

It is representative of the highest quality Italian delicatessen in the world, thanks to traditional processing - such as hand salting - and modern technologies. It has an average ageing period of fourteen months and, after controls and assessments, is branded and ready to be sold.

This unique product is a precious niche, which was already mentioned in the middle of the 1600’s when Pier Antonio Guerrieri, in his book "Embellished Carpegna and Mount Feltro illustrated" praises the "cheeses, eggs, meat salads and mountain hams ".

Under the patron saint of Sant’Antonio Abate, who is depicted the parish of San Leo in Carpegna with a Carpegna ham. Do not  forget to take a leap into the local market for a real experience from the producer to the consumer.