Between forts and castles

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Between forts and castles

Baluardi profiles. Countries that already in the names are mountain, stone and stone. Buildings that are integrated in the same conformation of the territory, between fifths of mountains and valleys. Ruined or wisely recovered over time, for example to be the headquarters of the town hall or museums, they have been part of the life of the territory and of the people for centuries.

An area to be discovered on an ideal path as if it were a crenellated walkway, imagining echoes of sieges and battles.

The castle of the fifteenth century of Auditore has standing the walls of the towers and the civic tower, that of Belforte has origins that date back to the VI - VII century AD. and the final signature of architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, towers and moults are still sentinel signals to Frontino.
The castle of Lunano dates back to the year 1000 and Macerata Feltria still presents itself with its original part built around the castle, as well as Monte Cerignone with its fifteenth-century flavor and majestic rock.

In Montecopiolo the ruins have been incorporated by the woods and Monte Grimano lives around the tower.
The castle of the Counts Oliva of Piandimeleto is home to the Museum of farm labor and earth sciences as well as hosting a herbarium dedicated to the plants and flowers of the Marches and woods of Montefeltro.

Sassocorvaro with its fortress is right above a hill and then there is the Castello del Sasso in Sassofeltrio, in fact: Federico da Montefeltro himself led the siege that in 1463 saw the conquest and destruction of the Malatesta fortress.
The fortress of the town rose right where the castle was, always signed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

And today it still stands out, a mighty keeper of stories.