The Prince of the land: the acqualagna truffle

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The Prince of the land: the acqualagna truffle

Cultural expression, tourist attraction, product to taste alone or as a derivative. And again, representative of an evolving economic sector. It is the truffle, prince of the tables of the central Apennines.

In these lands, the truffle finds the ideal habitat for growth: it is not by chance that the area has become a national and international reference point for the production of this precious specialty, which here develops in various species, sought after by lovers of taste from Northern Europe to the United States.

It goes from the black truffle, a noble variety with an intense aroma, to the precious white truffle, of superior quality, an all-Italian world exclusive. If the taste of black is enhanced with cooking, the prized white can be appreciated in its freshness. The bianchetto and scorzone are also enriched by the variety, which ripens during the summer. The cultivation of the truffle is obtained by killing seeds of some plants, appropriately selected and treated. After having contaminated them with the spores of the desired truffles, the seeds are planted in "fitocelle" containing soil suitable for the species. The first growth of the plant takes place in the greenhouse, after which it is planted in artificial open-air truffle.

In the heart of the area between the Catria and Nerone mountains, in Acqualagna - a town that boasts the nickname of the "capital of the truffle" - the scent of this product can be breathed all year round (and not just by way of speaking). The village comes alive with dedicated appointments, in succession to compose the perfect number: in correspondence with the collection periods of the different product varieties, here is the National White Truffle Fair (October and November), the regional Fair of the precious black Truffle (penultimate) Sunday in February) and the Regional Fair of the Black Summer Truffle (14th and 15th August). For the true enthusiasts, the local dishes are indispensable, able to express at best the taste of this fine product, such as - for example - tagliatelle with truffles. In this location, it is also possible to become a member of the "Friends of Acqualagna, the capital of the truffle", having the right to discounts on restaurants, discounts for direct purchases from producers and processors, updates on the market and truffle prices.

There are also events dedicated to truffles in the nearby Apecchio, an ancient village that hosts the local truffle festival in the first weekend of October, with the exceptional opening of wine cellars, inns and medieval taverns in the historic center. This precious tuber is also a protagonist in Cantiano, where the third weekend of November takes place the exhibition of the white truffle "Valle del Balbano". But the convivial celebrations of this authentic "diamond of the earth" animate the villages of the central Apennines, from Alta Umbria to Alta Val Metauro up to Valmarecchia: in these lands, stand out among the centers of reference for the white truffle Sant’Agata Feltria, Gubbio and Sant’Angelo in Vado.

You just have to let yourself be guided by the scent of this delicacy and come here to try its unparalleled essence.