Alta Umbria

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Alta Umbria

Etruscan echoes. Of Roman conquests and domination. The Via Flaminia, trails of century old streets, medieval walkways and today's paths of peace.  The Holy patron saint of Italy and of wolves.

And the underground city and water tanks, the discoveries and works of art found, the first Umbrian city to be part of the Kingdom of Italy and the surrounding nature reserves and woods, the rivers and lakes.  Infinity at the table.

Heroes and shrines, superb fortresses, the Renaissance tradition of majestic majolica ceramics, castles, gardens and labyrinths. Closely knit communities, kept together by passion, history, traditions guarded and handed down, cradled by nature.

The power of Giove Pennino, in front of the temple. And the clear view that reaches the peaks of the surrounding areas. All in free flight, as with the many sports activities that characterise this area.