Catria and Nerone

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Catria and Nerone

A Confluence of streams, Roman settlements and territories rich with fauna, medieval bridges and rivers. Dinosaur fossils and a globe that hopes for peace.

Territories that can be discovered by bicycle or by trekking.

The illuminated domination of the golden years that still shine through artistic expressions and history. Religious buildings. Food and wine events.

Italic, Etruscan, Gothic peoples along with Barbarossa and Federico II. The church. Even the “Malatesta” family from Rimini and the Counts of Montefeltro.

Farms and pastures, family businesses and craftsmanship. The views that reach all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

Monte Nero was mentioned in the words of the antiquarian, naturalist and historian Costanzo Felici, who wrote in 1500: "Other things of equal wonder, in and around Nerone, are too many to document one by one, for the reader would be tired of reading them, and my pen too tired to write them all down. "