Between earth and sky

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Between earth and sky

Open the looks, the body and the mind. Move freely and measure your strength. The essence of sport is spiritual, even more than material. Because wellbeing arises from the places, the spaces, the sensations that a land can give. Heaven and earth, water and light, rocks and darkness: the central Apennines offer all this, and much more.

A thousand possibilities for those who love discovering the world on two wheels. By mountain bike, discovering the riparians and paths, feeling the uneven ground below: every stone, every slip, every roughness. Or on a racing bike, spinning fast for steep or downhill, the wind or the breeze to mess up your thoughts and free your mind.

At least once, it is essential for the cyclists of heart and passion to experience the historical jewness of the Nove Colli: from Cesenatico up to Bertinoro up to Monte Pugliano, 200 kilometers of color and enthusiasm, hill after hill, from the sea to the mountains and back. Maybe after an intensive training camp in Forlì, a little further north, in the heart of Romagna Forlì.

Those looking for the most crude and unexpected emotions can find them on the cycling routes of Monte Catria or in the heart of Monte Cucco Park, in Alta Umbria: a true paradise for sportsmen, miles and miles of paths to travel not only by pedaling , but also on horseback.

But the Park is much more: it is an access to the sky like the bowels of this incredible land. Intense sensations await those who go down in the tunnels of the cave of Monte Cucco, 30 kilometers of tunnels, that primordial sense of discovery and challenge that only sounds and smells of depth can give.

From the underground world to the air, for those who love the vacuum of the void you can launch with paragliding and hang gliding not only from Monte Cucco, but also in the Regional Park of Sasso Simone, in Montefeltro, where you can try horse riding with horse riding, thanks to an enchanting network of horse trails, numerous riding stables and equipped sports facilities.

But the most surprising experiences are offered by the waterways and the enchanting basins of which the area between Romagna, Umbria and Alta Toscana is dotted: rowing in the Ridarcoli Lake, in the middle of the Casentinesi Forests Park, sport fishing on the Candigliano River , in the Fola del Furlo Nature Reserve, or in the Montedoglio Lake.

To feel like real explorers, experiencing the primordial taste of the discovery, it is possible to practice orienteering, the perfect choice for those who want to combine tourism, environment and sport, following paths that unfold on a set of pre-established points, to be traced using a map and a compass. It is a sport that is truly for everyone, because the routes are established on the basis of their physical abilities and age.

In this sport there are those who prefer to run in spectacular historic centers such as Urbino and those who like to move in natural environments such as the Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. Without forgetting the chance to run in the Bosco delle Cesane or in the villages of Mercatello sul Metauro and Sant’Angelo in Vado. Other areas, forests and towns, will be made available to enthusiasts in order to make more and more pleasant and exciting the stay of visitors in the Apennines.

And for those who prefer slower and more relaxed rhythms, a stone's throw from Gubbio and Urbino will find an oasis of peace and relaxation in the Golf course of Cagli, immersed in the Marche countryside and crossed by pleasant breezes. Also in Cagli, on the slopes of Monte Nerone, lies Pieia, an enchanting ancient village, from which you can reach in just 15 minutes the spectacular arch of Fondarca, steep rocky "amphitheater", today used as a speleological gym.

Those who want to get close to nature and its secrets, can immerse themselves in the green of the CEA Environmental Education Center of San Martino, in the forests of Monte Mantiego near Urbania: hectares of woods and vegetation, which can be explored through paths, guided tours and training lessons. Not far from the top of the mountain is the Balza della Penna, a spectacular rocky spur that stands out in the Apennine landscape: an evocative path leads to this crag from the village of Piobbico.

There are countless faces of this land, which offers, in addition to beauty, culture and well-being, and a thousand opportunities to keep fit and take care of themselves. Between soul and body, in the authentic heart of an overwhelming nature.