Valtiberina Toscana

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Valtiberina Toscana

The brushstrokes of a territory. The River Tiber’s waterway flows with stories written on the trunks of wood, which left this region to arrive in Rome and become ships and temples.

The roman roads that lead to inns on the Ariminensis Road, these isolated roads then stop, making the Alpe della Luna a place of peace and quiet.  The rock formations that stand up around the countryside and the churches of the area.

The villages and the ancient walls and plains that evoke epic battles, chronicles of the time that witnessed the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. The outposts.  The purity of the works of Piero della Francesca, his pictorial cycles, the works that overlap the landscapes of today.

To stop and look at the vast space and to think of the hills, the trees, the river reflecting life, the mountainous profiles, and homes. Sansepolcro’s most famous artist’s (Piero della Francesca) works of art go beyond simple backgrounds. To be able to actually breathe all this unique emotion.

The joy of living in so much beauty that brings us to the genius of Michelangelo Buonarroti and the home where he was born. Spaces of the soul.