Castle of Pianetto

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Castle of Pianetto

Cardinal Angelico, in 1371, described the castle of Pianeto: "it is on a coast above a very high bank, above the aqueduct river, on the road that goes to Tuscany, (which) passes between the castle and the river and closes like this this road, so that in no way can anyone pass without the permission of the owners of the castle that is kept as a petitionem of the abbot (of Sant'Ellero); near this castle there is a village in the middle of which the aforementioned road passes. It is a castle suitable for wars. In the castle and in the village there are XXXIII hearths "In the XIII century, it belonged to the Counts Guidi, then passed into the hands of the Florentines. Evidence of the dominion and influence of the Arabs of Sant'Ellero (in addition to the aforementioned text of the Angelico) is the election, in 1316, of the abbot of Sant'Ellero in the church of Santa Maria in the castle of Pianetto. The currently visible structure consists of a wall (more than 300 meters), with defensive highlights and two doors.

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