Romagna Forlivese

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Romagna Forlivese

The plains and hills, pretty citadels, ancient walls, fortifications and rivers.

The Via Emilia and great towers.  Ancient capitals of the Florentine Republic. Cities that are  urban museums where visitors can find discover the signs of histories and passages.

The smallest towns perched on hilltops, examples of industrial archeology and the daily lives of people. The shops in the small town centres and specialised artisan laboratories are the pride of the territory, which appeal to everyone who appreciates creative and functional uniqueness.

A land of scents and flavours where the saying has always been “The science in the kitchen is the art of eating well".

A land rich in festivities. From literary suggestions in today's culture, to great exhibitions and events. To enjoy nature, forests and sports, in all seasons, for fun and in competitions.

The land in which the very heart of Romagna beats.