Staring at Medieval Villages

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Staring at Medieval Villages

Virtually every town has a trace, a testimony, a sign of the medieval history. Many of these territories boast a medieval past, which, however, is kept alive and has become an opportunity to relive in festivals and historical reenactments.

There are places that are located along pilgrimage routes that were born in the Middle Ages such as the way of St. Francis to the other itineraries of the soul.

The medieval echoes are so important in these parts that, in addition to transmitting their feelings, are expressed in miraculous walkways and castles in places that are examples of medieval cities such as Gubbio or others that are examples of contemporaneity such as Montone and the Umbria Film Festival.

Also of note is  the medieval fortresses of Borgo Pace, the medieval town of Mercatello, the houses of Peglio and the urban lattice of medieval design in Sant'Angelo in Vado and Cagli.

In Pietrarubbia there is medieval steel mill. Anghiari and Forlì are also marvellous, both with the traces of a Roman city system, followed by a medieval and then Renaissance influence (but this is another story).