Dukes and mercenaries: the Montefeltro and Malatesta families

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Dukes and mercenaries: the Montefeltro and Malatesta families

Men of arms and art. Federico and Sigismondo, Duke of Montefeltro the first and (1422-1482) and Lord of Rimini (1417-1468) the second. Names that with their respective families have marked the history of a good part of central Italy.

Leaders who clashed hard on the battlefield, between looting, loss and reconquest of family possessions for dominance over an internal Apennines in which, at the time, as well as the clash of arms, resounded the wonder of art. So much to do of these lands recognized and admired center for cultural ferment from all the Europe of that time.

That territory between Marche and Romagna of local lords, feudal subjects, castles and even of Papato. There where "Guidi and Malatesta reigned", to put it in the words of Pascoli applying them to the whole area and not only to Romagna as he reported.

Two men portrayed by the same painter's hand, in profile. The Duke of Montefeltro, military genius posing in an elegant red dress as a lawyer, a merchant, with a lush landscape in the background and the Lord of Rimini in a knightly dress and black background.

Piero della Francesca who returns to the fresco of the Malatesta Temple with always Sigismondo, on his knees and with his black and white dogs.

A unique territory, this. But really. Yeah, why in which other part of the world so many ferments are concentrated? Which, however, do not stop in the past but that from this take the momentum for a splendid contemporary.