The landscapes of Piero della Francesca

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The landscapes of Piero della Francesca

The legacy of a territory. Visitors are fortunate to see the landscapes and view of the works of the artist from Sansepolcro and in addition to be able to admire his works exhibited in the same town that he was born in.

The watery landscape of the “Leggenda della vera Croce”, with shows the Tiber and which reflects the daily life, as well as the “Battesimo di Cristo” in the transparent water of the river that descends in front of a shell and behind which the landscape is the hills viewed from Sansepolcro.

The river is also in depicted in the “Vittoria di Costantino su Massenzio” along with the wooded and hilly landscape on the background from San Gerolamo as well as the Valtiberina and a glimpse of Sansepolcro. The scene of the “Regina di Saba” shows a meeting with Solomon and has the scenery of the holm oaks forests of the area. The Valtiberina is also the landscape of the painting “Natività".

In Sansepolcro the Civic Museum hosts the fresco “La Resurrezione", with Christ and the soldiers at his feet. The painting “Polittico della Misericordia” depicts the sweet embrace of the Virgin on a golden background with a cloak to welcome the faithful amongst whom some believe is the self-portrait of the artist.

The Civic Museum also hosts the fresco of San Giuliano with the beautiful face of the young man who is said to be inspired by the Roman painting and St. Ludwig.

In Monterchi, there is a dedicated museum, hosting the “Madonna del Parto": under a canopy, with the angels holding the curtains and the figure of the Virgin in the centre, unusually depicted as being pregnant.