The course of the river Tiber

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The course of the river Tiber

The flow of a civilisation. It is near here, from the sources of Mount Fumaiolo in Romagna, which the river begins and is linked to the history of the birth and development of Rome. Here begins its course, which has marked - and still marks - moments of history, art and the natural environment. Of life.

Let's imagine the territory reading the words from the first century AD. by Pliny the Younger: "The appearance of the country is beautiful: imagine an immense amphitheater, which only nature can create. A wide open plain is surrounded by mountains, and the tops of the mountains have imposing and ancient forests. Though there is abundance of water there are no swamps because the sloping earth pours the water into the Tiber"(Epistles, Book V, Epistle 6).

It is a privilege to admire the whole landscape around here. At Anghiari, where besides the Tiber there is also the river Arno, no less important.  The nature reserve of the Monti Rognosi on the right side of the River Sovara.  Sansepolcro, a village of Piero della Francesca where the stream Afra flows into the Tiber, Piero della Francesca has left us a pictorial witness in his works.

Between San Sepolcro and Anghiari, the Golena del Tevere Protected Area, with local flora and fauna.

All in all, the Alta Valle del Tevere nature reserve, not far north of Pieve Santo Stefano, we find the ridge of Poggio Tre Vescovi (1,240 m), Poggio Bastione (1,193 m) and Monte Nero (1,228 m).  Where once was all wood, fortunately, is still all wooded. To enjoy with hiking along the various trails.