Art and culture

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Small details that make up a collective. A legacy of yesterday's history, expressions of events and an interweaving past, reclaimed and promoted today.  Famous families, illustrious men and patrons, artistic moments of unique works of art from the collective imagination, alive thanks to the palaces, monuments, museums, and itineraries. The contemporary creativity adds to the many festivals that animate the territory, music,art and cinema intersect seamlessly with local gastronomy.   Many testimonies of the past can be seen in the local archeology, which covers both religious and industrial aspects. Ethnography combined with historical reenactments that seem like a time machine, reminds us of where today’s everyday life comes from, making our own cities real life open-air museums. History is not always synonymous with old however, our history runs right up to last wars told through stories and physical signs. On top of all this the art and crafts and artisan productions are another legacy of a strongly felt sense of tradition. Great and timeless feelings which can only be witnessed in this territory which has been a cradle for immortal masters such as Michelangelo and Raffaello, one has to witness with their own eyes the works of a genius and breathe the same air as they did, so as to fully intensely enjoy the experience.