The discovery of the gothic line

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The discovery of the gothic line

A line of history. From the Apennines to the Adriatic Riviera.  From the Valtiberina to the Apennine at Forlivese. Testimonies disseminated along a path of defensive works organised by the Germans in an attempt to hinder the advancement of the Allies.

From early 1944 to April 1945, a series of constructions and battles took place. The remains can be found not only on books, but here in the territory.

In Badia Tebalda, in “Valtiberina”, on a strategic mountainous dorsal, the military maps of those years coincide with the fortifications still present.

In Badia Tedalda the 114th Jäger-Division had their headquarters for the role of defence and counter-force.  The headquarters were here because the position dominated the valleys and offered control of the accesses that would allow the passage of armoured vehicles and allied troops.

Badia Tedalda's Gothic Historical Park is a system of walking tours (ten paths) or bicycle rides (five tracks) that breathe the moments of this dramatic and engaging historical passage. Also by visiting the fortifications that can be found, among caves, trenches, and stone fortresses in the woods.

With regards to cycling, La Staffetta is a much-attended and participative initiative that winds up in a long apennine pedal in the area that led to the birth of the Italian Republic and the Constitution. The route crosses the entire Gothic Line linking the historic park of Badia Tedalda and the National Park “Foreste Casentinesi ".

In the upper valley of the Metauro, there is a  village that in its name evokes serenity - Borgo Pace - it is linked to a story of August 28, 1944 when the village was razed to the ground in a battle.

In Montefeltro at Casinina of Auditore, the Historical Museum of the Gothic Line has a library, video library, historical archive, memorial park and document centre from the 1900’s. It retains more than three thousand finds, including original pieces and equipment. The Memorial Park is right in the area where a mine field of the first Gothic line used to be, adjacent to a German bunker.

The memory to keep alive forever. Immersing oneself in a natural habitat.