From pecorino to fossa cheese, and squaquerone cheese

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From pecorino to fossa cheese, and squaquerone cheese

Shapes that evoke the flavours of a territory, in its best expressions. Here one can find regular and rounded pecorino, with a quality already recognised in Roman times. Today the cheese is produced from milk from the territory, for a short supply chain that is also good for employment and economy. The cheeses are proposed in semi-matured or fully-matured varieties,  The Pecorino Ubriacone is aged in Vinaccia (the left over crushed grapes from wine production).

It is from the sheep cheese that the dessert cheese is made, infused precisely between summer and late autumn and left to sit in a state of refermentation between humidity, temperature and absence of oxygen. A prodigy that has been traced back to 1400 and can not be reproduced elsewhere.

Another famous cheese is raviggiolo, proposed in an elegant basket covered with felt.  "Raviggiolo" is an ingredient of the pasta dish “cappelletti all’uso di Romagna”. Also from the area is Squacquerone a cheese without a crust that is very good with the local bread “piadina”.

The mountainous and fertile pastures and fields, today produce "casciotta" of mixed of cow’s and sheep’s milk, in a small shape matured for less than fifteen days.

The Duke of Urbino and Michelangelo enjoyed these cheeses.

In a correspondence between the latter and a woman, Cornelia Colonnelli is mentioned several times along with other delicacies: "I send you doi persciutti and doi para di casci of aftermath, which you enjoy them for our sake" and again "to these past We send a presciutto for some mulatieri together with diece libre de cascio de guaime ".